28th 'Baya Karve Award' presented to Mrs. Prince Alias Rangu Sauriya

MKSSs-2    12-Feb-2024
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28th Baya Karve Award
28th 'Baya Karve Award' presented to Mrs. Prince Alias Rangu Sauria
Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha (MKSSS) gave this year's 28th Baya Karve Award to the young social activist Ms. Prince Alias Rangu Sauria, who has done remarkable work against sex trafficking in Darjeeling. This award was given at the auspicious hands of renowned actor (Shri Krishna in Mahabharat TV Serial) and former MP Mr. Nitish Bhardwaj.
“There is a common misconception that women and girls in red light areas are there of their own choice. However, the reality there is very different from our understanding. Girls who have seen the hustle and bustle of the metropolis through movies, serials or mobiles are lured to big cities by dreaming, seducing, or luring them with money and fame. We must empathize such women. However, the mentality of the society is still backward and there is still a lot of work to be done in this matter," Rangu Sauria expressed her feelings on this occasion.
This ceremony was organized at the Auditorium of Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture. On this occasion of this event, MKSSS President Smt. Smita Ghaissas, Secretary Dr. P. V. S. Shastry, Vice President Smt. Smita Kulkarni, Baya Karve Award Selection Committee Member Dr. Anand Katikar, Vice Chair Person of the organization Vidya Kulkarni and other dignitaries were present.
The Hindi and English translations of the original Marathi book ‘Maze Puran’ – written by Baya Karve as well as the second part of the book 'Kartya Karvitya', based on the work of Baya Karve award-winning women, were released in this event.
Speaking as the Chief Guest, Nitish Bhardwaj expressed his feelings by giving honourable mention to Smt. Rangu Sauria. He said, 'Life is always as Kurukshetra. But when the work of life is taken up for Dharma, the Kurukshetra transforms into a Dharmakshetra. People like Maharshi Karve gave the concept of social service to the society. People who work beyond the boundaries of the society, the society is truly uplifted and only those who do such work are known as legends. By killing Narakasura, Shri Krishna freed the girls from his clutches. Today's awardee Rangu Sauria is doing the same work of Shri Krishna.’
Smt. Smita Ghaisas, while expressing the presidential message, appealed to all the teachers, staff and students to understand this work and try to bring this spirit of dedication in their lives.
The program was introduced by Smt. Vidya Kulkarni, moderated by Smt. Pranjali Deshpande. Smt. Smita Kulkarni, proposed the vote of thanks. The program concluded with Vande Mataram.