Bhaskarrao Karve Adhyapak Vidyalaya (D.Ted), Erandwana, Pune

MKSSs-2    06-Jun-2023
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Bhaskarrao Karve Adhyapak Vidyalaya
A qualified Adhyapika – a mentor is the need of the society:
The aim of MKSSS, Pune is to develop competent, young, dynamic and committed teachers who posses the capability of building foundation of Nation. MKSSS, Pune believes that “teachers play an important role in fostering the intellectual and social development of children during their formative years. The education that teachers impart plays a key role in determining the future prospects of their students. Whether in pre-schools, high-schools, private or public schools – it is a teacher who provides the tools and the environment for students to develop into responsible adults”.

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