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MKSSs-2    14-Jun-2023
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Pre-primary School Primary School
Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha’s
Pre-primary School, Primary School
Centers of Knowledge, Discipline, and Values
The strength of any structure lies in its foundation. School Education is therefore rightly regarded as the base depending on which one’s life structure takes shape. This realization has resulted in the increasing demand of good schools in Maharashtra. Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha (MKSSS), Pune has established pre-primary, primary and higher secondary schools not only in Pune but in Satara and Wai exclusively for girl students coming from rural areas.
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Sishu Vihar primary school
Aaruni Vidya Mandir & Shishuvihar Primary School, Karvenagar
Foundation Year : 1958
Tele : 020-25472575
• The school strives for the development of various artistic skills as well as vital skills for the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the students.
• Individual attention is given to the students so as to prefer qualitative development rather than quantitative development.
• The school also has a Maths Lab, an astronomy lab, rich library which ensures their knowledge and skill improvement.
• Various competitions, examinations, outdoor sports competitions, various cultural programs are organized to give scope to the artistic talents of the students.
• There are trained and experienced teachers in the class.
• Aruni Vidya Mandir (Pre-Primary) offers education in Marathi medium from nursery to senior KG students whereas the Primary school offers education up to 7th std. The schools are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
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Aaruni Vidya Mandir & Shishuvihar Primary School, Erandwane
Foundation Year : 1972
Tele : 020-25431108 25466932
• This school was established to impart primary education.
• The students, who mainly belong to financially weak background and having social problems in the family, get the education from this school.
• Around 350+ students (girls & boys) are taking education in the school.
• On the occasion of the centenary year, the school had undertaken new educational experiments and provide new avenues in education, such as Activity Based Learning, Botanical Garden, etc.
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Shishuvihar Primary School, Erandawane 

Bal manohar mandir satara
Shishuvihar Primary School, Vidyapeeth (SPPU)
Foundation Year : 1972 Affiliation : Maharashtra Board
Tele : 020-25692909 E-mail : [email protected]
• This School was established with an objective to provide education to the children of employees in Pune University campus.
• It provides co-education to the students of 1st to 7th Standards.
• Science seminars are conducted for the class of 6th and 7th by Pune University and Pune knowledge cluster (PKC).
• Special coaching started for class 1st to class 7th for students playing indoor game CHESS and Science skill development programmes for class 5th, 6th and 7th by MKSSS and Jnanaprabodhini
• Currently, 350 students are studying and 16 teachers are working to educate
Aruni Vidya Mandir, Satara
Foundation Year : 1952
Tele : 02162-239020
• Aruni Vidya Mandir was founded with name ‘Shishuvihar’ with the main objective of Comprehensive development of children.
• School conducts various activities like festivals, craft, drawing, games, Shaley Poshan Ahar to serve this purpose.
• Currently, 100 students are learning and 3 teachers are working here for their development.

Balak mandir Vai

Aruni Vidya Mandir Wai
Foundation Year : 1973
Tele : 02167-220268
• AVM conducts many activities like competitions, games, get-togethers, tree plantation, trips, birth and death anniversaries of national leaders along with the routine educational pattern to achieve this goal.
• Currently, 150+ students are learning from here and 4 teachers are taking care of them.
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Primary Schools:

M. N. Adwant Primary School, Karvenagar, Pune
The school was established on 11th June 1991 under the name 'Navin Marathi Vidyamandir' in the premises of Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha. In 2001, the school was named after professor Mahadev Namdev Advant.

Aanandibai Karve Shikshan Sanstha
Anandibai Karve Primary School, Karvenagar, Pune
Foundation Year : 1930 Affiliation : MSEC
Tele : 020-25472575
• This is the first primary school of MKSSS, started in the name of Anandibai Karve – spouse to Maharshi Karve.
• This is a Practising school of Parvatibai Adhyapika Vidyalaya school, hence same school-head carries the responsibility of both the schools.
• The main objective of school is to inculcate the value of life within the students by developing the physical, mental and educational as well as total development of the children.
• It organizes various educational, cultural and social activities successfully through which students achieve personality development. Currently, 8 teachers are taking efforts for 350 students.
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Jankibai Premsukh Zawar School, Satara 
Foundation Year : 1969 Affiliation : SSC Board
Tele : E-mail : [email protected]
• This school has an objective of physical, mental and educational development of students.
• Facilities like Semi-English class, Teaching of Sanskrit, Huge Computer lab, Library, Sports, Mid-day-meal scheme are available in the school.
• 400 students are learning from here and 8 teachers are taking efforts for their education.
Navin Marathi School, Wai
Foundation Year : 1975
Tele : 02167-220407 E-mail : [email protected]
• Main objectives of the School are to provide Quality Education to Students and to enhance the confidence among the students which would make them capable to carry the legacy of Maharshi Karve and Baya Karve.
• All festivals, competitions, funfairs, field visits, Radio broadcasting program, activities for parents, annual gathering are organised for whole year which causes comprehensive development of students
• Currently, 390 students are getting education and 9 teachers are looking after them.