MKSSs-2    14-Jun-2023
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Baya Karve Vocational Training Institute (BKVTI)

· BKVTI Provides skill based education in F a s h i o n D e s i g n a n d Te c h n o l o g y , Cosmetology, Food Technology, agriculture, soft skills, art, music and health care.

· Skill based education gives students ownership of their learning and improves creativity.

· Pioneers in proffering personalised, affordable and high quality lessons using an advanced learning platform

· Focuses on developing technical skills for specific professions

· BKVTI units are located at Wadgaon Sheri (Pune), Wai, Satara and Ratnagiri.




1. Wadgaon sheri - E : [email protected]

2. Satara - E : [email protected]

3. Wai - E : [email protected]

4. Ratnagiri - E : [email protected]