Mahilashram Vasatigriha

MKSSs-2    30-May-2023
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Mahilashram Vasatigriha new
a) Mahilashram Hostel – Rama Sadan I & II 
• This hostel was established in 1896, i.e. from inception, for students from schools belonging to rural area or from weaker sections of the society.
• The hostel buildings are equipped with excellent mess facility, solar water facility, common TV room, reading room, 24 hours security and medical attendant, etc. Students are admitted on the basis of merit, family background and their financial condition.
• Hostel practices careful grooming, yoga & sports, celebration of festivals and conducting various competitions that showcase the hidden skills in the students.
• Co-curricular activities like sports and cultural events are also encouraged by providing them necessary facilities and equipments.
• It has different divisions according to the age group of the girls, include two buildings of Rama Sadan.
b) Venubai Hostel 
• Venubai Hostel is another division which is exclusively for the girls recommended by Child Welfare Committee (CWC).
• Around 1500 girls stay together, breaking the barriers of caste, religion and income, 150 CWC students, 400 fully dependent on MKSSS and 200 students partially dependent on the MKSSS.