MKSSs-2    30-May-2023
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MKSSS: Kamshet Campus:

kamshet-mapMaharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha, (MKSSS) Pune runs Adivasi Ashram Shala (Residential School for the Tribal) at Kamshet, near Pune. It is meant for the ‘Adivasi’s living in the remote areas all over Maharashtra. ‘Adivasi’ are the tribal people who exist in the far-flung areas; faraway from the rural areas. These tribes exist in nearly in all the districts of Maharashtra for whom this school serves as a boon. Education is made available for both, the girls and the boys coming from these communities.
MKSSS, Pune has invested a sizeable amount for the construction of school and hostel building for these students at Kamshet. Hon. Smt. Lata Mangeshkar has extended substantial charity through her “Member-of-Parliament Funds” for the construction of hostel & school building. MKSSS strives for the further development of the students in multiple ways. The school runs classes from 1st Std up to 9th Std for both girls and boys. At present, 270 girls and 155 boys; altogether 425 students are taking education in this Ashram Shala. The teaching and non-teaching staff, comprising of more than 15 members, cohesively work to make the dream of complete literacy come true. MKSSS, Pune plans to extend the amenities of the school facilitating the girls to complete their education till 10th Std from the same school.
Parents of these Adivasi students belong to the very low income group and cannot afford the day-to-day expenses of their wards. As per the government policy; Government of Maharashtra pays approximately Rs. 500/- per student per month to meet their tuition and food expenses. The other expenses are incurred by the Institution themselves.
Adivasi Ashram Shala was previously run by Adishakti Trust in village Pangoli, Tal Maval, District Pune. It was on 18th April 2008 that Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha (MKSSS) took over this Ashram Shala from Adishakti Trust, to run it more contentedly. MKSSS, Pune has been successful in broadening the horizons for these students thereafter. MKSSS is proud to mention that it has supported these students in all possible areas and has been appreciated by many.