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MKSSs-2    30-May-2023
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suswad canteen 
Sampada Bakery and Suswad Canteen

Empowerment – Financial self sufficiency:
Sampada Bakery in Karvenagar Campus was established on 17th August, 1979. This was the first production unit in which the students of MKSSS can work and earn for their livelihood. Similarly, Suswad Canteen was established on 15th August, 2004. This is a service unit, where the students of institutes under MKSSS and the visitors are served with delicious dishes and nutritious food.
The bakery staff trains needy girls and women in baking and cooking. Work is provided on the principle of “Earn and Learn Scheme”. Whatever payment the students are getting is utilized for their educational purposes. If the amount earned by the students is insufficient to meet the expenses, MKSSS bears the rest of the charges and the fee for their academic year is paid. The motto behind this scheme is to make the students confident and self-reliant.
Sampada Bakery is a safe place for destitute and downtrodden women from rural areas and backward classes or from low income group. The Samstha provides shelter to them in their hard times; make them confident and self reliant. They are given the training which helps them to work and earn for their living and it is also a good source of revenue for them.
Various bakery products like patis, cake, toast, bread, soup sticks and all types of biscuits are produced in our bakery. The Suswad canteen is well-known for providing all Maharashtrian and Panjabi dishes, and other continental vegetarian dishes.
The bakery has prestigious regular clients like Cummins India Ltd., Bajaj Auto Ltd., Kirloskar Oil Engine, Dinannath Mangeshkar Hospital, Telco and Pune Municipal Corporation etc. The stalls of Sampada Bakery are placed in different areas of the city. They supply fresh snacks to the girl students from schools and colleges and sell different products to outsiders at a reasonable rate. ‘Good Quality at Reasonable Cost’ is the motto of Sampada Bakery and Suswad Canteen.
Our canteens are surrounded by huge trees and situated amidst of all higher professional institutes. Hence, it is the place of recreation and interaction for our students. Students from all the institutes come here for their breakfast, lunch and refreshments. They share their views, interact with their friends and help each other