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MKSSs-2    29-May-2023
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Dr. PVS Shastry, Secretary, MKSSS_1
Dr. P.V.S. Shastry
Secretary, MKSSS 
Women Empowerment and Education has a direct correlation with the development of the society. Taking good care of today’s girls is very challenging. Empowering them with modern education, taking care of their nutrition and health as well as providing them with an environment, where their personality will flourish, are extremely important.

Maharshi Karve said, “Women’s Education and National Development are closely related!”

He started MKSSS with this cause and today, MKSSS successfully runs different 64 units which cater to the needs of more than 32000 girls through its 6 locations across Maharashtra.

The 1990s brought new waves of changes to India. Education sector too was experiencing the change.  MKSSS took these winds of change in its stride! The available educational opportunities were no more sufficient.  It was time to open up new vistas for our girls! Soon,  MKSSS ventured into higher education in pure sciences, humanities, commerce, Information technology, architecture, engineering, fashion technology,  nursing, vocational training as well as management. All these institutes remain at the top of their game by giving quality education to their students.  The syllabus is also constantly updated with the help of industry professionals which open up new opportunities for our students.

Each of these higher education institutes is self-reliant. However, MKSSS extends financial help to their needy and deserving students in the form of scholarships.

MKSSS has taken up parenthood of around 700 needy girls. We provide all necessary support to these girls who are admitted in our hostel. We have also developed a residential school for tribal children at Kamshet near Lonavala. Through this school, we reach out to marginalized tribal kids in that area and give them an opportunity at modern education. The Samstha looks after their education, overall well-being and sound growth.

Even today, there are girls who are denied the opportunity of education and consequently of empowerment. A holistic effort is still required to change the dire state of girls in our society. MKSSS wants to reach out to maximum needy children and help them to get education. Of course, we cannot reach our goal without exhaustive support from the community at large.

Our donors and well-wishers have supported us in our journey of 125 years. We have various schemes for donations like Bhaubeej Nidhi, Sankalp’365, Educational Assistance, Endowment scheme for scholarships, Financial Guardianship etc. Donors can contribute as per their desire through these funding schemes. Donors can also donate in kind as per their convenience. Please contact us to know more about us and also to know how you can donate.